Real Estate and Executive Search: An important partnership for success

The real estate market is an important part of the economy in many countries. Real estate is not only a place to live or work, but also an important asset class. In times of low interest rates, many people have invested their money in real estate to benefit from the more stable returns. However, the real estate industry is strongly influenced by a country’s economic and political developments. At times when the economy is booming, prices for real estate are often high, while a depression they can fall. Real estate regulations and laws can also change and have an impact on the market. Despite these uncertainties, the real estate market remains an important part of the economy and a profitable investment option for many people. Executive search firms play an important role in assembling teams and supporting real estate projects, hence contributing to the success of the industry. Overall, the real estate sector offers many opportunities for a lucrative and fulfilling career. Staffing executive positions in the real estate industry is therefore an important process in finding the right fit talent for a company and successfully shaping its future. These executives usually have extensive experience in real estate and are able to make strategic decisions to successfully lead the company.

In recent years, GEMINI consultants have advised clients in the following sectors:
  • Property developers
  • Project developers
  • Real estate agents
  • Facility management & service providers
  • Architecture & engineering firms