Artificial Intelligence: How AI is revolutionizing the business world

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing today's world and is having a major impact on nearly every industry. From the automotive industry to medicine, AI technologies are changing the way companies do business and deliver services. Artificial Intelligence, with its various subfields and applications, is a driving force behind innovation in numerous industries. Advances in Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Autonomous Driving, Internet of Things and Natural Language Processing are opening up new opportunities for companies to increase efficiency, better serve customers and deliver innovative products and services. The future of artificial intelligence promises exciting developments and further growth in all of the above areas. GEMINI Executive Search consultants have their finger on the pulse of the times, enabling them to keep up with the pace of change for their clients, recognize the potential of new technologies, and identify the personalities that will come to full fruition at the top of technology groups. Through years of market presence and precisely tailored strategies, GEMINI Executive Search consultants have successfully assisted a large number of clients in this segment in developing and implementing competitive advantages in the context of innovation. These include leading national and international technology and IT companies as well as innovative start-ups.

In the past years, the consultants of GEMINI Executive Search GmbH have worked on mandates in the following sectors:
  • Machine Learning
  • Supervised Learning
  • Cognitive Services
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Internet of Things
  • Natural Language Processing